Greetings everyone.
also getting "you need these mods:" and then it dont list anything cus i got all the mods
*authentication failed* how do I get past this?
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New Website

Waldiin a posted Apr 16, 19

The Website Has Moved!

Please visit us at our new and improved 18+, Multi-Gaming Community website at

This site will eventually be taken down and will redirect to our new domain. 

Thank you

Server Status

Waldiin a posted Mar 16, 17

Server Information:


No Password

Current Mods/Order

IMPORTANT:  With the patching, and mod authors attempting to keep up, and our own testing, the order of our mods change a lot.  Please refer to our connection and mod info channel on discord for up to the minute information.

We thank you for visiting and giving us a chance.

As of 12-11-18, this is our current mod order-



stone statues


Extreme Color




All mods are available on Steam, and the current steam version are the ones we use.

Discord Server:

Due to the adult nature of this site, and the associated servers you must be 18 years of age or older to join.

If you are offended by sites with sexual content please leave now.

Lastly please treat everyone on this site with the respect they deserve, the goal here is for everyone to be able to relax and have fun.

Change log:

  • EXPLOIT FIX: It's no longer possible to duplicate items using recipes
  • EXPLOIT FIX: It's no longer possible to increase your movement speed using a Set Antidote
  • NEW CONTENT: Added thrall inventories so you can equip armor and weapons!
  • NEW CONTENT: Added ability to reposition already deployed thralls
  • NEW CONTENT: Added ability to have thralls follow players [max 1 at a time]
  • NEW CONTENT: Added repair kits for both weapons and armor
  • NEW CONTENT: Added monster/animal ecology - animals and monsters should now attack each other out in the wild
  • NEW CONTENT: Added new building pieces: Rooftops, corner roofs, corner stairs and awnings, amongst others. More information on the dev blog!
  • NEW CONTENT: Added new thrall workstation: Artisan Workshop. This has been implemented in order to reduce the amount of recipes players have in their crafting menus. All non-crucial survival items (pottery and bedmaking, for example) has been moved to this station.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where logging out and back in would give players more encumbrance and additional items
  • Fixed an issue where scorpion corpses couldn't be harvested for resources
  • Water breathing potion should no longer deal damage to players
  • Thralls should no longer have white hair
  • Thralls should now attack enemies again
  • Players can no longer dismantle Blacksmith benches belonging to NPCs
  • Map markers should no longer disappear after closing and re-opening the game
  • Fixed a crash bug when placement brushes interact with large destroyed meshes
  • Fixed a bug where overlapping sockets on building pieces would provide stability that they shouldn't have
  • Respawning on Hide Bedrolls should now be more reliable
  • Fixed bug where loot bags would spawn underground when dismantling certain containers, making players lose their stuff.
  • Fixed bug where shields wouldn't take durability damage
  • Humanoid NPCs should no longer be immortal when waking up after being knocked out with the truncheon
  • Fixed a bug where map markers and journey entries would disappear from an old character on an old database
  • Honeybread now gives more food than regular bread.
  • Moved the map marker for the Trapper's Cabin, as it was in the wrong location
  • Fixed a bug where armorers didn't want to go man their benches
  • It should no longer be possible to spawn inside cliffs with bedrolls
  • Waterskin should now refill thirst while "Cooling down" buff is in effect
  • Dancer thralls should not aggro NPCs unless attacked first
  • Dialogue NPCs should now be talking again
  • Fixed a bug where healing potions would not give healing under the new healing potion paradigm
  • Ghost will now correctly show the location of the Slit throat emote
  • Covered up exploitable base locations.
  • You should no longer be able to duplicate the "Empty Hands" icon in the inventory
  • Black Ice-Reinforced Fences will now damage a climbing player
  • Tier 4 Armorers from the Heirs of the North and Cimmerian factions have learned how to craft Flawless Fur armor
  • Drinking from Water Wells now fills thirst meter, as intended
  • Fixed instances where players wouldn't learn certain emotes
  • The boss in The Dregs should now attack players again
  • Fixed a bug where teleporting to The Dregs would crash the client
  • Black ice nodes now give black ice resources
  • Drinking from the waterskin should now only cool you down if you are in the plus-range of temperatures.
  • Mystery Meat soup no longer appears twice in the list of recipes for Tier 4 cooking thralls
  • Added ceiling version of wall brazier
  • Fixed the inside checker so shelter should be calculated much more reliably. Larger houses, caves, etc. should all work. Water no longer gives shelter
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to interact with elevators
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't interact with other players
  • Fixed a bug where players could interact with the last used object by looking at water and pressing interact
  • Fixed a bug where Large Chests did not take damage from explosives.
  • Campfire, torches, furnaces and other placeables with fire and heat should no longer provide heat when turned off
  • Fixed an issue where Set Antidote could reset snare buffs several times, resulting in exponentially boosted movement speed.
  • Flawless and Exceptional versions of the Hyrkanian bow no longer damages buildings of a higher tier than the normal one.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't interact with loot bags and NPCs after killing an NPC
  • Fixed an issue where teleporting away from thralls in local play would cause them to sink into the ground
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to make Dragonpowder in a Firebowl cauldron
  • Fixed a bug that caused furnaces to not make crystal
  • Fixed a bug that caused bound thralls to disappear when being dragged behind a player
  • If a thrall sinks into the ground/floor you should be able to move it
  • Items crafted at Mitra altars should now accurately reflect the name of the altar where they are crafted instead of all of them merely saying "Crafted at Altar of Mitra"
  • Zamorian Armorers should no longer double up on the recipes known for the dancer outfit
  • Crafting Hardened Steel and Star Metal Arrows/Bolts should now give 10 arrows/bolts and not just one
  • All Stygian Armorers of tier 3 should now have the Stygian Dancer recipes available
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a second player from joining a password protected co-op game unless invited for a second time

Balance and Gameplay Fixes
  • Added thrall inventories
  • Added ability to move thralls
  • Added ability to have thralls follow players
  • Added fuctionality for repair kits
  • Added monster/animal ecology - animals and monsters should now attack each other out in the wild
  • Added new building pieces: Rooftops, corner roofs, corner stairs and awnings, amongst others.
  • Added new thrall workstation: Artisan Workshop. This has been implemented in order to reduce the amount of recipes players have in their crafting menus. All non-crucial survival items (pottery, for example) has been moved to this station
  • Added vulture NPC that flies away when aggroed. Can be killed when on the ground or the air, but will despawn when it flies too far away
  • Moved beds to Artisan's Worktable
  • Totems can now be learned by interacting with the totem outside the Frost Dungeon
  • Improvements on creatures with charge attacks
  • Optimized building piece placement and snapping
  • Removed message telling players they learned a non-existent emote
  • Addes assets for aquilonian medium armor set
  • Updated barbarian heavy armor assets
  • Jamila the Pirate Queen no longer teaches the Mitra religion. This honor has been moved to Muriela, who you may find at Muriela's Hope where construction of a large Mitra statue has begun
  • The "Simple Palisades" and "Palisades" feats have been combined into a single feat called "Palisades"
  • Campfires now reduce spoil time by 5%. Large Campfire reduces spoil time by 10%. Bonfires reduce spoil time by 15%. Stove reduces spoil time by 20%
  • Drying normal wood now gives 2 dry wood instead of 1. Drying normal wood now also gives 1 Resin as a byproduct. Drying sticks is reduced from 10 to 5 sticks to get 1 dry wood
  • Dogs of the Desert werehyena corpses can now be carved up for resources
  • Players should no longer get the Journey notification for drinking water when eating food that gives no water (and the reverse is true as well, no eating food journey notification when only drinking water)
  • Vaults should no longer stack in player inventory
  • Removed human spawn entries which were not in use
  • Sandstorm breathing mask, Climbing gear, Black hand and Relic hunter armors now grant protection against heat
  • The amount of "chops" it takes to bring down ice nodes and black ice nodes have been reduced to 3-6
  • Different strength healing items no longer stack. The item with the highest healing will overwrite or stop lower strength healing items. It is still possible to refresh the duration of the buffs by consuming another item, but it's no longer possible to gain 3-4 different healing over time effects at the same time
  • Combined the Rugstitcher and Carpetmaker feats into one
  • Combined the different Stygian Banner feats into one
  • Moved some feats around to even out the rate at which players gain new recipes early on
  • Mead now requires Plant Fibers instead of Ale as part of it's recipe
  • Adjusted building blocker volumes / splines to prevent players from building in places where they are not supposed to build
  • Bedshaper and Cushioner feats have been combined into one feat
  • Increased shield durability
  • Projectiles now have a 50% chance to break on impact.
  • Admin panel now lets you set your level directly, and the Experience is set correctly
  • Hardened Steel armor should now give cold-protection, not heat-protection
  • Reduced rate of Branch and Bark drop from trees
  • Hoar-Frost Hatchet now harvests 3-4 wood at a time
  • Creatures can no longer see through walls

Audiovisual Improvements
  • Dancer thralls should no longer be moaning after being placed in the world
  • Optimized all in-game assets
  • Text on top of the carousel no longer gets cut off in non-wide screen resolutions
  • Death music added. When you die it will now fade in the death music which will play until you respawn and then fade out over the next 5 seconds
  • Recreated LODs, imported manually as auto generated LODs become corrupted due to low resolution of model.
  • Closed up areas of the map players shouldn't be able to access
  • Added support for different pickup animations
  • Minor sound optimization and fixes
  • Animation optimizations
  • Fixed Inventory background appearing on top of the carousel menu
  • Fixed ambush pose for Rocknose so it's more hidden under ground
  • Increased the inner interaction radius of the radial menu to match the visual radius. This means the mouse now only interacts with the visual part of each menu entry
  • Visual improvements to carousel GUI
  • Fixed camera collision when dragging unconscious thralls
  • Various map marker corrections
  • Deleted old obsolete cinematics
  • The inventory GUI should no longer resize when selecting items with long names
  • Fixed the temperature gauges to be more acurate to the new temperature values
  • Added headbutt attack to the dragon, and fixed an issue wuith the skeleton
  • Character meshes updated in preparation for facial animation
  • Ghost optimizations
  • Potential fix for elevators not making sounds
  • Rename Sandstone Triangle to Sandstone Wedge so we have a consistent naming convention for building pieces
  • Widow type spiders now have increased damage but decreased health
  • The lorestones that give out the religious emotes have been switched out for journals. The functionality remains the same
  • Shellfish traps and fish traps no longer sounds like they're on fire
  • Beehives no longer play campfire sounds
  • Fixed various grammar errors fixed in the journey events table
  • The projectile for the thrown Yoggite spear is no longer the kushite spear
  • The recipe books spread out across the world now have texts.
  • The radial menu now has an arrow that indicate the position of the thumbsticks when using a controller
  • Crafting Stations no longer show all player recipes

  • Imported back up translation files to populate the translation for newly added items (with identical text as previous items)
  • Various translation fixes

Known issues
  • Thralls placed in the world will end up being naked after patching
  • Thralls that are in storage or player inventory when game is patched will visually have their original armor after being placed in the world, but will have no armor equipped. This is just a visual bug. Adding armor pieces to thrall will clear the bug for the slot being equipped. Restarting singleplayer game or dedicated server after thralls are placed will also remove visual glitch (which will make placed thralls naked)
  • An animation glitch might occurr if you move weapons from thrall to thrall.
  • Restarting the multiplayer server/local game should clear this
  • Taking a weapon from a thrall placed in the world prior to patching may result in a visual glitch similar to "Arrow in my wrist", where a visual representation of their weapon will remain in their hands despite no weapon being equipped. The issue is cleared after restarting your server or local game
  • If your client is crashing during "preparing character" try removing mods and verifying the installation files

Patch 30 Notes 9-20-17

Waldiin a posted Sep 20, 17

Please Note!: With Today's patch, The Unlocks Plus mod has been rendered unusable and causes the server to crash on start. It has been disabled. Currently we are running Sexiles and Pythagoras only.

Update 30 - Temperature system update and quality of life improvements

[CE][WIP] Conan Sexiles 1.17.3

- - - - - 
Conan Exiles 

How to install
Extract the zip and put the SexilesMod pak file into your "<SteamLibrary>\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods" folder. Then enable it in the game.




Posted Image



Press the vocalize key at anytime and your character will cat-call. Use this when you want to let someone know you're checking them out, or you want to have sex, or you're just rooting for a couple already having sex. Your vocals also indicate your arousal level during sex. If your arousal is high enough when you vocalize, you'll have an orgasm.


Press the activate key and you'll be presented with a list of Active and Passive roles that You, as the target, will initiate. Choosing an Active role will put you in position to penetrate someone else. Choosing a Passive role, will put you in position to be penetrated.


Once you're in position, another player can come along and activate while touching you to become your partner. At this point, either participant can control their own vocals, the speed and stage of the animation and when to stop.


For thrall interactions, if your character is in the active role, press the activate key WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THRALL and select an ACTIVE role. Thralls in your vicinity will move towards you and engage.
To make a thrall go into a passive role, press the activate key WHILE TOUCHING THE THRALL and select a PASSIVE role. The thrall should move into the passive position, and you can press the activate key again to activate the interaction.
The exact opposite applies if you want your character to be in a passive position.


KEYBINDINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Keep an eye on the image above.


No animation is final. I'm constantly working on improving them. More are coming soon™


A note on the versioning system: 0.00.X increments mean updated to the game version or minor bug fixes. 0.0X.00 Updates mean I've added new animations or updated something major. 0.X0.0 means I've updated a major system.




Animations are made by Mike24 and Leito86, converted and edited by me.


MIRROR DOWNLOAD of the latest version: HERE

What's New in Version 1.17.3 (See full changelog)

  • - Updated to the newest game version


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